Tick tock. Time ticks faster than our own two feet hustling around. If you’re always on the go yet your mind is constantly thinking on how to get to where you need to be, then, it’s about time to make a smart move.

Consider that change is constant and it happens without warning us. Change of travel time, traffic, and other expenses is unavoidable. It’s up to us to either stay stagnant or live smart.

Today, balancing between work and life seems to be more challenging than we ever thought it’d be. We make efforts of balancing the time between family, friends and work but always have to sacrifice one thing that we need most – the time for our hobbies, learning new skills, be at new places, and meeting new faces. We try to puzzle our life better that we forget that our own self is an important puzzle piece.  So don’t “piece” out of your own life.

Live near your common points 

Living near your work place and establishments mean less time to worry for long distance commute. You wouldn’t have to wake up early and skip your favorite breakfast meal. You’d have time to choose your outfit for the day well, have a good morning stretch or even read the morning newspaper without rushing out the door to catch a ride.

Although there are other means of commute, public or private, living near means you’d spend less time on the road and save on your commute expense. Wouldn’t it be great to come to work on time without having to spend a single peso for commute?

Be the boss of your life

Instead of balancing out your life, why not try combining it all together? Is it possible? Yes!

Work-life integration is a combination of both work and lifestyle. Improving and turning your passions as your career has been an increasing trend among society today. Online shops, bloggers, and self-employed entrepreneurs are known to be living the work-life integration yet many haven’t learned of this type of lifestyle. Some prefer to live and work by their own. This type of lifestyle come and grow in different forms, you might come to realize that you might just want to be your own boss in your life and in your career.

Do More. Be More.

The combination of the first two moves transpires to the ultimate powerhouse that empowers you to do more of your life and be more of yourself. It’s always best to improve and keep growing every day since we always want to live the best of our lives. By living near your common points, you’d be doing more than your usual routines. You’d make room for new experiences, lessons and passions for yourself. That way, you’ll be more than what you’ve already been. You’ll be more than who you already are.

It’s never too late to spark a change in your life. As you make these smart moves, you’ll keep improving to make even smarter choices along the way. Eventually, you’ll find yourself getting along with the hands of time and finally making it less puzzling with your piece in it.

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