It’s definitely wonderful to know that you’re slowly realizing that dream home. Being part of the tropical paradise is living your life with ease and hassle free. If you’re looking for that serene environment where you can rest your mind and body away from the stressful factors of work, school or the city life, Serenis North is the best place to be.

When it’s the time to move into a new neighborhood, there are quite a few things you need to know. Well, the best thing you can do before you move into your new home is to be familiar with the different establishments that are near you. If you don’t know a thing or two about Lilo-an and what’s in there, then keep reading as this will guide you to knowing your new neighborhood.


Lilo-an Municipal Hall

Lilo-an Municipal Hall


First, it’s important to know where Lilo-an municipal hall is. It is a 5-10 minute drive from Serenis North. This is where you get some assistance from the local government unit with your taxes, community involvement or matters you wish to discuss, and government or private lawyers, in or around the area.





It’s good to consider that where you live, you are sure that there’s a hospital nearby that you can drive, commute to or call for emergency. Several medical centers like Lilo-an Community Medical Center, Lilo-an Community Hospital, Tayud Barangay Health Station, Lilo-an Community Medical and Emergency Services, and Yati Health Center are just in the area. Not to mention the several other clinics along the highway that you might just pass by when you explore the entire municipality.


SM Mall, Consolacion

Serenis North has two access roads from the main road. Each access road is landmarked with Julie’s Bakeshop. One access road exits to somewhere near Lilo-an municipal hall while the other exits to just a few meters away from SM Consolacion.  Apparently, there’s no need for you to drive to the city to find a mall.  You sure won’t feel like living under a rock.

Other shopping centers nearby are Fooda Consolacion, Pacific Mall Mandaue while other exceeding malls are Parkmall Mandaue and Jcentre Mall Mandaue.



San Narciso Parish, Consolacion

Commonly, Filipinos prefer living near a church. Well, the nearest church to Serenis North is San Narciso Parish Church in Consolacion. They have several mass schedules you can attend from Mondays to Saturdays. Click here to see the mass schedule for San Narciso Parish.






Going to and from Serenis North, you wouldn’t have to worry about food. It would just be a 5-6 minute drive to the main road when you exit via the first access road. You’ll find countless karenderias along the main road. Want to spend less for a full and hearty meal? Karenderia food is best recommended for you.


Aside from all the places mentioned, you can definitely find and discover more by yourself, or with your friends or family. Having accessibility to the necessities of every family is important when moving in a new town.


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